Digital LED Watch Detonates IEDs

Nearly 800 classified WikiLeaks documents about Guantanamo detainees and al-Qaida have been obtained by news organizations.S. The information included in these documents is lurid, heartbreaking and an additional blot on the Guantanamo experience.The digital watch was amongst possesion The ” Gitmo Files </international/world/0,1518,758916,00., report the Washington Post comprise the records of 765 former and current Guantanamo prisoners.

The Guardian that just wearing a Casio F-91W “has been a contributing factor to the continued detention of some prisoners, with more than 50 detainee reports referring to the watch.” The Guardian also links to the entire military briefing dedicated to the Casio.and the New York Times .

In the field guide, special attention is given to the items a suspect had in his possession at the time of his arrest. The Joint Task Force speaks of “suspicious items,” including a satellite phone, military radio/transceiver, $100 bills and the Casio F-91W watch. To date only five have been convicted by the military commission system and one has been tried by civilian court. experience at the prison camp has been riddled with mistakes and has turned into a worldwide public relations nightmare, there is also no doubt that the United States has a legitimate need to gather intelligence on international terrorism.

Mother Jones noted that “More than a dozen detainees were cited for owning cheap digital watches, particularly ‘the infamous Casio watch of the type used by Al Qaeda members for bomb detonato. Facets of this system have been put in place, such as congressional authorization of military commissions to try the suspects, but the structure remains woefully incomplete. I like my watch because it is durable.b as “property held.detainee 298, salih uyar: if it is a crime to carry this watch, your own military personnel also carry this watch.

According to the Guardian newspaper, more than 50 detainee reports <http://www.

One transcript reveals how U. Beyond the fact that it diminishes those administering it, the information it gleans does not prove trustworthy.”

Guantanamo currently holds 172 detainees, although the U.. authorities are only planning to try a small number.

“Many detainees who have been cleared for release continue to languish at Guantanamo,” said Tom Parker, policy director for terrorism and human rights at Amnesty International USA. According to the newspaper, the prisoner, a Kuwaiti engineer, said, “We have two watches in Kuwait: Fossil and Casio. At the very least, this should include an apology, compensation and the punishment of those responsible for this outrageous conduct.

“I swear I don’t know if terrorists use it or if they make explosives with it,” the Kuwaiti detainee said.

It advised that 48 others should continue to be held without charge or trial, with the remainder transferred to countries other than the United States…. I’m not stupid.” He added that, “We have four chaplains” at Guantanamo.

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